Exclusive claim period has ended. All names are now available to register!

ENS Claim

Claim the BASED version of your ENS names for $4.20/ea.

  1. 1.  Enter your wallet address, ENS, or Connect Wallet
  2. 2. SELECT YOUR ENS NAMES to claim from the table below.
  3. 3. Click the CLAIM BASED NAMES button to mint.


  • Claims are for based.eth subnames, so owning frog.eth allows claiming frog.based.eth.
  • The exclusive claim period has ended, all names are now open to both claims and registrations.
  • Names will be minted to the same address which owns the original ENS, but on Base L2.
  • Claim up to 100 names per transaction. Claim status may take a few minutes to update.
0 Selected / Total: $0.00

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